Forestry operations

Our company manages 170,000 hectares of eucalyptus forests in 13 departments of the country. FSC® and PEFC certify these plantations.

FSC-C016979 / FSC-C023409 / FSC-C125461

Research and Development

Our forestry activities have the support of a research and development program whose central objective is to optimize the production of raw material in both quantity and quality.

The lines of R&D work aim at increasing the efficiency and quality of forestry operations as well as the performance of the plantations through the development and implementation of new technologies and the incorporation of new genetic materials.  

Where It All Begins

We have a state-of-art nursery only a few kilometers from Fray Bentos (Río Negro) at which more than 100 local people work. With an area of 48,000 m2 of greenhouses and a capacity to produce up to 20 million seedlings per year, this nursery is one of the most modern in the region. Its inauguration was in 2012, and its design optimizes the use of raw materials and minimize the staff's physical effort.



Before planting or replanting, we draft a project that takes into consideration production, environmental and social aspects. We identify areas that are suitable for planting and other uses, such as cattle grazing or the conservation of native forests and special ecosystems. Uncultivated soils represent 35% of our holdings.

All forestry projects must have the authorization of the General Forestry Administration of the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries.

From planting to harvesting

Quality forestry management is not just the harvest but also preparing the soil, tree planting, care and upkeep of trees during their growth. These are in addition to loading, road building and harvesting activities.

Harvesting is 100% mechanized and uses high tech machinery operated by highly-qualified staff. 

These processes directly employ 1,500 people. 


Alliances for Growing Together

As part of our sustainable growth vision, we promote strategic alliances with more than 350 farmers who have integrated forestation on their properties.

We also have hundreds of agreements with local livestock producers for grazing pastureland on our plantations and the production of honey.

This business model promotes local development and optimizes land use through production diversification, utilization of forest shade and shelter for livestock.

Alianzas Montes del Plata

Plan de gestión de incendios forestales

En Montes del Plata planificamos, nos capacitamos y articulamos con autoridades y con otros actores del sector forestal para prevenir, detectar y dar una rápida respuesta a los incendios.

Además, invertimos en tecnología, maquinaria y equipamiento especializado para detectar rápido los incendios y extinguirlos a tiempo.

Estudiamos los factores climáticos y nos anticipamos a las situaciones de riesgo.

Generamos medidas de prevención en nuestras actividades operacionales, basadas en niveles de alerta climáticos.

Y las informamos a la comunidad, a través de nuevas herramientas de comunicación.

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Supply Logistics

Logistics Efficiency

To supply the industrial complex, Montes del Plata uses a bimodal transport system. The system combines land and river transportation carried out on four barges. These barges depart from our M'Bopicuá logistics terminal located on the banks of the Uruguay River, in the department of Río Negro, and arrive directly at the port terminal of the industrial complex in Punta Pereira; these barges account for the transportation of approximately 50% of the needed wood supply.

Each barge has a load capacity of 5,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to 170 truckloads. This bimodal system saves 24 million kilometers of trucking annually, with an added benefit to the environment, infrastructure and road safety.

A modern fleet of trucks transports the wood from the center and east of the country directly to the cellulose plant. A transportation station controls this fleet in real time via satellite.

 >Learn more about our sustainable transport strategy

Port Terminal - Río Negro

The Montes del Plata Logistics Terminal is in the department of Río Negro, on the banks of the Uruguay River. It has a continuous 192-meter long dock is parallel to the coast, a log yard and a transport station. A modern highway links the facilities with Route No. 2.

This terminal receives the logs coming from the central – western part of the country. The logs are loaded onto four barges destined for the Punta Pereira Port Terminal, at the Montes del Plata Industrial Complex.

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Visitas al Complejo Industrial

Días y horarios

Visitas de centros educativos y organizaciones (con ómnibus propio): Todos los jueves a las 9.00, 10.30, 14.00 y a las 15.30 horas.
Duración aproximada: 1 hora. Las visitas comienzan en la Oficina Montes del Plata en Conchillas (Calle David Evans s/n).

Agendar visita

Comunicarse al teléfono: (+598) 4577 2832 o por correo electrónico: También puede inscribirse en Oficina de Montes del Plata en Conchillas de lunes a viernes de 9.00 a 17.00 horas.


  • Las visitas están sujetas a disponibilidad de la empresa.
  • El Complejo Industrial se reserva el derecho de cancelar las visitas hasta una hora antes de la misma.
  • Una vez reservada la fecha de la visita, los grupos deberán enviar información de los visitantes y documentación del vehículo.
  • Todos los visitantes deberán presentar cédula de identidad o pasaporte original vigente para el ingreso al Complejo Industrial sin perjuicio de haber enviado el número del documento con anterioridad.
  • Se reciben grupos estudiantiles a partir de tercer año de escuela.
  • No está permitido descender ni tomar fotografías o grabar videos durante el recorrido en el Complejo Industrial.

Visitas al Bioparque M’Bopicuá

El Bioparque M’Bopicuá ha sido acondicionado para recibir visitas de instituciones educativas, fundamentalmente escuelas y liceos. Estas visitas son guiadas por personal capacitado y se restringen a los meses de marzo a agosto para no afectar la reproducción de las especies.

El circuito guiado comprende tres áreas: la estación de cría de fauna, un sendero de interpretación del monte indígena y las ruinas del “Saladero M`Bopicuá” que datan del siglo XIX.

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Nuestras oficinas

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